Publishing Your Book in the ASA-SIAM Series

Chapter 2 - Submission of a Proposal and the Review Process

The best-written books are those that have been carefully planned from an early stage. Providing advice from peers and potential readers on how best to reach your readers is a benefit of our review process. A preliminary table of contents and preface, sample chapter or two, and list of references are reviewed by qualified readers.

Authors usually find these comments useful and many times book plans are revised to broaden the scope of a book or to make a good book even better. Occasionally authors end up writing a different book from the one they envisioned at the start.

We ask authors to complete a questionnaire about their proposed book. This form provides early information about the market for your book and how we should promote it. A good book that is not marketed effectively will not have the chance to become an important book.

The book proposal form is available electronically or in hard copy.

Book projects may be reviewed at two different stages. The first is at the proposal stage, as described above. The second is when the manuscript is more complete. Some authors are more comfortable submitting a project at this later stage. You should consider submitting a draft manuscript at a stage when changes and suggestions can be easily incorporated.

We carefully select reviewers who will give constructive advice on how to improve your book or broaden its market. Since many comments are subjective, we select a number of reviewers to give you the broadest range of suggestions. Not all suggestions will be accepted of course, but most are useful. Your acquisitions editor will discuss the ones that we feel are most important to follow.

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