Publishing Your Book in the ASA-SIAM Series

Chapter 3 - The Publication Agreement

Before selecting a publisher, it is important to decide what is most important to you. Is it the price, the length of time your book will stay in print, its visibility and distribution after publication, your royalty, the speed of publication? Discuss with your publisher the aspects that are important to you and get them in writing---in the contract if possible. Talk to other authors about their experiences with the publishers you are considering. This chapter highlights some of the special clauses contained in the SIAM Publication Agreement.

Copyright Release

This clause gives the publisher the right to publish your book in its entirety and may include its use in other media as well as hard copy. It also states that you have secured written permission to reproduce all nonoriginal material.

Royalty and Student Travel Fund

The royalty for your book is stated as well as the dates of payment. You have the option of designating all or part of your royalty to the SIAM Student Travel Fund. This fund was started by SIAM authors to help students attend SIAM meetings. Dozens of students benefit from this fund each year.

Due Date

This date should be as realistic as possible. Your acquisitions editor will be in touch with you throughout the process of writing your manuscript. However, it is important to notify us of any delays since books are scheduled and budgeted a year in advance.


The length of your manuscript should be resolved prior to your receiving a contract. However, sometimes a book exceeds the expected page count; this can have a major impact on the production schedule and the price of the book. Increasing the size of a manuscript can be advantageous to everyone, but it should always be discussed with your acquisitions editor as soon as possible.

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