Publishing Your Book in the ASA-SIAM Series

Chapter 7 - Marketing Your Book

Once your manuscript has gone through the review cycle and the final version is accepted, it enters the production cycle. Your book will be produced at either the ASA or SIAM office. However, all manuscripts will initially be received at the SIAM office. The actual production process differs for TeX and non-TeX manuscripts. These differences are outlined below.

About four months prior to the publication of your book you will receive a marketing questionnaire. A specific marketing plan will be developed based on the information you provide. It is important that your answers and suggestions be as detailed as possible. Our intent is to give your book international visibility and distribution. This chapter will give you a general idea of the various ways we markets the books in the ASA-SIAM series.

It is interesting to note that about 40% of our book sales originate outside the United States. This is the result of extensive efforts to reach foreign as well as local markets with each of the following media.

Press Releases

We mail press releases quarterly to our 3,000 agents, book stores, and libraries. These releases also are mailed to all appropriate technical journals that might review the book. Copies of all reviews will be sent to you and will be used in future promotions for your book.

Space Ads

In addition to our own publications (SIAM News, Amstat News, ASA and SIAM journals, conference programs, activity group newsletters), we run space ads in appropriate publications of other societies and publishers. Ads are placed based on SIAM's experience with previous books on similar topics and based on author suggestions.

Electronic Advertising

We announce new book publications and maintain a book catalog on our World Wide Web home pages ( and We also encourage authors to send announcements to appropriate bulletin boards and forums. We have also compiled an electronic notification list and continue to solicit for people interested in information on new titles. We will establish links from your book's website to your home pages and encourage you to set up links toASA and SIAM. We also offer a Book Alerting Service---those who complete the form on the web indicating their areas of interest will receive e-mail announcements of new books fitting those categories.

Book Brochures

Our brochures usually consist of new books and backlist publications. These are sent at to all SIAM members and past book buyers as well as to lists from other appropriate organizations.


SIAM books are stocked in 65 campus and technical bookstore locations nationally, and the list continues to grow. We work on expanding the visibility of our books in bookstores through personal contact and major mailings in countries outside the United States.


We display our books at all of our own conferences as well as other conferences that are not sponsored by ASA and SIAM. We advertise in conference programs and also send books and materials to many smaller conferences, meetings, and workshops around the world.


Books appropriate for classroom use are marketed heavily to department chairs and to targeted lists for appropriate courses. Desk copies are provided to department heads and teachers for course consideration. Follow-up letters are sent to determine how the book was used, and suggestions for improvements and additions for future editions are sent to the author.

Package Stuffers

All outgoing shipments of books contain flyers and brochures for new publications.

Special Mailings

Special offers are mailed on a regular basis to our sister societies around the world. We often exchange ads and mailing lists with commercial publishers as well.
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