New Initiatives Committee (NIC)


Name Email
Doug Arnold (chair)
Irene Fonseca
Jim Crowley
Marty Golubitsky
Nick Trefethen
Margaret Wright
Tim Kelley

James M. Hyman

Operating Guidelines and Areas of Responsibility

The Board of Trustees, at their December 2012 meeting, charged the SIAM President, Irene Fonseca, to form an ad hoc committee to look at possible new initiatives to serve the SIAM community. This was motivated by the fact that the SIAM reserves had reached a threshold that may permit using a small percentage of the reserves on an annual basis for operations; the Board, with inputs from the Financial Management Committee, will decide the question of whether to employ a payout policy from the reserves to operations. In the meantime, the NIC is requested to draw up a list of possibly initiatives that might be considered if these funds become available in the future.

The NIC is expected to report to Board at their next meeting in July, possibly with a preliminary list of options for Board comment; and it will report again in December with a more developed list for Board consideration.



All appointments to this committee will be made by the SIAM President. All appointment terms will be concurrent, starting 1 Jan 2013. It is expected that the committee will complete its work and cease operation no later than 31 December 2014.

One individual will be appointed by the President to serve as Chair. The President and the Chair of the Board of Trustees will serve as members of this committee. The SIAM Executive Director will be an ex officio member of this committee. The President will appoint 2-5 additional members.


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