Call for Submissions: The 2007 Wilkinson Prize for Numerical Software

April 4, 2006

In honour of the outstanding contributions of James Hardy Wilkinson
to the field of numerical software, Argonne National Laboratory,
the National Physical Laboratory, and the Numerical Algorithms Group
award a numerical software prize of US $3 000. Prizes have previously
been awarded at the International Conference in Industrial and
Applied Mathematics (ICIAM):

1991 Linda Petzold; DASSL
1995 Chris Bischof and Alan Carle; ADIFOR 2.0
1999 Matteo Frigo and Steven Johnson; FFTW
2003 Jonathan Shewchuk; Triangle

The 2007 prize will be awarded at ICIAM 2007 in Zurich,
16-20 July 2007,

Rules for Submission

Each author of an entry must be at most 40 years of age on
1 January 2007. Each entry must contain the following:

Submissions must be in English and received by 3 November 2006.

Selection Criteria

The award will be made to the entry that best addresses all phases
of the preparation of high-quality numerical software, including:


Each submission should include a README file describing its contents
and facilities for executing the test program.

Submissions can be sent by email to
Contact this address for further information.


Maurice Cox, National Physical Laboratory, UK
Wilkinson Prize 2007 Chair

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