RSS Feeds Now Available for SIAM Journals on Line

October 5, 2006

Don't Miss an Article!

RSS Feeds and E-Mail TOC Alerts Available for SIAM Journals

With the move in August to a new SIAM Journals Online hosting platform, SIAM made it possible (and simple!) for users of SIAM electronic journals to sign up for RSS feeds and emailed table-of-contents (TOC) alerts for their favorite SIAM journals. Choose one or both of these tools to ensure that you never miss another SIAM journal article.

What is RSS?

First invented by Netscape®, RSS is one of the XML (eXtensible Markup Language) file formats for web syndication (content distribution) used by many websites with frequently changing content. RSS is the abbreviation for one of the following standards: Rich Site Summary, RDF Site Summary, and Really Simple Syndication. Basically, RSS has the specific purpose of delivering updates to web-based content. Thus it allows a user of SIAM's electronic journals to keep up to date on the latest articles published, which is especially important given SIAM's e-first, accelerated electronic publication process.

Using RSS for SIAM Journals

If your web browser is RSS enabled (for example, Firefox™ version Netscape version 8.1.2), an orange rectangle icon will show up in the location bar or browser window. Clicking on the icon will allow you to set up a live bookmark for the site; all of the articles for that site will be displayed under the bookmark.

If your browser is not RSS enabled, you can use one of many web-based RSS feed readers and news aggregators, such as Google Reader. Most require no software installation and make the feeds available on any computer with Web access. To get RSS feeds for SIAM journals, simply click on the orange "XML" tag in the lower right area of each SIAM journal homepage and paste the RSS feed URL (e.g., into the feed list in your reader.

Another Option: TOC Alerts

If you don't want to have to remember to check your RSS feeds for new SIAM articles, you can also sign up for email TOC alerts for any or all SIAM journals at You will be notified by email when new articles are published online. TOC alerts are sent weekly.

Whether you use RSS or emailed TOC alerts, SIAM is pleased to bring you two ways to keep on top of the best in applied and computational mathematics research.

Questions or comments? Contact Mary Rose Muccie, Publisher,

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