NSF Solicitation for Petascale Simulation

April 27, 2007

The NSF announced that an updated NSF program solicitation is now available on "Accelerating Discovery in Science and Engineering Through Petascale Simulations and Analysis (PetaApps)."

Details are available at:


The deadline for proposals is July 23, 2007.

NSF provided the following synopsis of the program:

This solicitation seeks proposals to develop the future simulation, optimization and analysis tools that can use petascale computing to advance the frontiers of scientific and engineering research. Proposals are sought from researchers aiming to capitalize on emerging petascale computing architectures, catalyzing progress in science and engineering beyond the current state-of-the-art. NSF's emphasis is on implementation and exploitation of forefront techniques. Proposers must be prepared to demonstrate that they have a science or engineering research problem that requires or can exploit petascale computing capabilities. Proposals from or including junior researchers are encouraged, as one of the goals of this solicitation is to build a community capable of using petascale computing.

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