Undergraduate research in applied and computational mathematics highlighted

July 17, 2008

New SIAM student publication posts first papers

Philadelphia, PA- SIAM has recently posted the first two papers in its newest publication, SIAM Undergraduate Research Online (SIURO). This web-based initiative is devoted to research in applied and computational mathematics and offers undergraduates an opportunity to publish research as part of their education.

The first two papers posted are:

A Simple Expression for Multivariate Lagrange Interpolation
Author: Kamron Saniee, New Providence High School, New Providence, NJ
Sponsor: Richard Glahn, New Providence High School, New Providence, NJ

Testing for the Benford Property
Author: Daniel P. Pike, School of Mathematical Sciences, Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY
Sponsor: David L. Farnsworth, School of Mathematical Sciences, Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY

"The editorial board was surprised to find a paper from a high school student among the early submissions," said Linda Thiel, SIAM Director of Programs and Services. "The paper was of such high quality the editorial board decided it was suitable for publication. SIAM is pleased to serve the student community and support research in applied and computational mathematics through this publication."

Students or teams of students can submit papers for publication with a letter from a faculty advisor or sponsor documenting that the authors did a significant amount of the research and that the research was done while the authors were undergraduates. SIURO also publishes papers written by a faculty member, researcher, practitioner, graduate student, or post-doc that are specifically written for the undergraduate audience. Such papers would typically be expository in nature, featuring a survey of a topic, a new area of application, or a subject of historical interest.

SIAM Undergraduate Research Online is published by SIAM and access is free and open to the public. Peter Turner, Chair of the Mathematics & Computer Science Department at Clarkson University, heads the SIURO Editorial Board as Editor-in-Chief. More information on SIURO can be found at http://www.siam.org/students/siuro/index.php


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