New Feature Added to SIAM Journals Online

February 25, 2009

You know which journal articles are of interest to you, but do you know what your peers are reading? Working with its online journal host Scitation, the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) has implemented a new feature that will provide a list of the SIAM journal articles your colleagues are reading most often. This feature, Top 20 Most Downloaded Articles, is now accessible from the homepage of every SIAM journal and takes you to a complete listing of the top 20 most downloaded articles for each journal. The listing, with articles ranked in descending order from one to 20, will include full citation information and links to abstracts and full text. The displayed statistics are updated monthly.

"We are pleased to be able to offer our readers this service," said David Marshall, Publisher at SIAM. "We think users will be interested in seeing which articles have generated the most interest. Some will be curious to see what others are reading, while others may use the feature as an aid in deciding which articles to read. Regardless, the ability to see which articles are accessed most often will enhance the usability of our journals and provide the reader with a more robust experience."

SIAM provides two ways of accessing its electronic journal content. SIAM Journals Online (SJO) is the electronic full-text archive of all SIAM journals from 1997 through today. With SJO, full-text articles are available in PDF for subscribers; the tables of contents and abstracts can be searched and browsed free of charge by anyone with web access. Current articles are published online as soon as they are available. Locus is the electronic full-text archive for every SIAM journal article published from the journal's inception through 1996.

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