NSF Solicitaition in Engineered Complex Systems

September 18, 2009

On September 18, the National Science Foundation (NSF) posted a solicitation for proposals on Building Engineered Complex Systems. This is a joint effort of the NSF Division of Mathematical Sciences and the Directorate for Engineering.

The purpose of the program is to provide "seed funding" for projects to develop a theoretical basis for complex systems. The goal is to develop formal methods for the design or synthesis of reslient engineered complex systems.

This is a joint program between math and engineering. At least one co-prinicipal investigator (co-PI) must be a mathematician and at least one co-PI an engineer.

Details on how to submit a proposal may be found in the solicitation.

For more information and NSF contacts see:



For further background, a study lead to a report, Foundations for Complex Systems Research in the Physical Science and Engineering. This report is based on an NSF workshop held in December 2008, and was co-chaired by John Guckenheirmer and Julio Ottino.

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