Tulane Math Back in Operation

January 20, 2006

Dear Colleague letter from Ricardo Cortez

Tulane University has reopened and is back fully operational in the Spring of 2006 with over 90% of its students back on campus. The mathematics department at Tulane has returned with renewed energy and new activities. Its curriculum, seminars, colloquia and all other activities are intact. The entire faculty has returned, as have most of the undergraduate and graduate students in our program.

We are looking for prospective students to apply to our graduate programs for the Fall of 2006. Applications will be accepted until all slots are filled. We have NSF Fellowships and teaching assistantships to offer and we welcome visits by prospective students to campus during the spring term.

Visit http://www.math.tulane.edu for more information or contact Ricardo Cortez at rcortez@tulane.edu

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