Program Solicitation in Mathematical Biology

September 18, 2006

The Mathematical Sciences Division of the Naitonal Science Foundation (NSF/DMS) and the National Institute of General Medical Sciences have joinly sponsored research grants in the area of mathematics and biology. A new solicitation was recently announced, with proposals due December 15, 2006 to DMS.

The web site

contains the full program solicitation.

From the program solicitation:

This competition is designed to support research on mathematical problems related to biological problems in areas supported by NSF/DMS and NIH/NIGMS. A direct relationship between a biological application and the mathematics is expected. Research teams, which include scientists from both the life sciences community and the mathematical sciences community, are encouraged. Both new and existing collaborations will be supported. Proposals from individual investigators will need to make the case that the individual has expertise in both areas.

Successful proposals will identify innovative mathematics or statistics needed to solve an important biological problem. Research which would apply standard mathematics or statistics to solve biological problems is not appropriate for this competition and should be submitted directly to NIH. Similarly, proposals with research in mathematics or statistics that is not tied to a specific biological problem should be submitted to the appropriate DMS program at NSF. Proposals designed to create new software tools based on existing models and methods will not be accepted in this competition.

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