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Mathematics: An Enabling Technology for the New Biology
May 25, 2010

WTEC Panel Report International Assessment of Research and Development in Simulation-Based Engineering and Science
This report based on a WTEC study assesses the international research and development activities in the field of Simulation-Based Engineering and Science (SBE&S). SBE&S involves the use of computer modeling and simulation to solve mathematical formulations of physical models of engineered and natural systems.

Mathematical Research Challenges in Optimization of Complex Systems
A report, comissioned by DOE, based on a study of a group chaired by Margaret Wright and Bruce Hendrickson.

Foundations for Complex Systems Research in the Physical Sciences and Engineering
A Report from an NSF Workshop held in September 2008 John Guckenheimer and Julio Ottino co-chaired a workshop on complex systems, leading to a report on research challenges and opportunities in this area.

Report on Challenges in applied math for DOE
June 13, 2008
An independent panel, chaired by David Brown and consisting of prominent members in the U.S applied and computational math community, has issued a report on future challenges in applied mathematics for the Department of Energy. The panel considered the scientific and technical challenges DOE faces in the future, and developed a report outlining research areas for the applied mathematics community to meet these challenges. This report is available in final form, and can be downloaded from The Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) is hosting the website for this report.

Report of the Blue Ribbon Panel on Simulation-Based Engineering Science (SBES). The National Science Foundation commissioned a blue-ribbon panel of experts, chaired by J. Tinsley Oden, to produce a report on Simulation-Based Engineering Science. The report contains findings and recommendations to advance the discipline of Simulation-Based Engineering Science. The report discusses applications of computational simulation in several different areas as well as research opportunities and needs. It contains recommendations for advance SBES as a discipline. March 2006.

PITAC Report on Computational Science. This report, titled Computational Science: Ensuring the Nation's Competitiveness, was produced by a panel for the President's Information Technology Advisory Committee (PITAC) in June 2005. The panel, co-chaired by Marc Benioff and Edward Lazowska, reported on research opportunities in computational science and the societal impacts of investments in this field. Computational science is defined as the use of advanced computing capabilities to understand and solve complex problems. Among its many recommendations, this report called for restructuring of government funding portfolios and academic research structures to facilitate multisciplinary research, especially computational science.

Cyberinfrastructure Report. The report of the National Science Foundation Blue-Panel on Cyberinfrastructrure, chaired by Daniel Atkins, published January 2003. The title of the report is Revolutionizing Science and Engineering
Through Cyberinfrastructure.

PowerPoint presentation of David Keyes to the Office of Science and Technology Policy on May 4, 2004. The presentation showed, among other things, how advances in agorithms and numerical methods play an essential role in advancing computing capabilities, and complement advances in hardware.

Prepared Statement of James (Mac) Hyman, SIAM President, given to the House Appropriations Subcommittee on VA, HUD, and Independent Agencies Committee. Hyman gave an oral testimony to the Committee on March 25, 2004. (Also available in PDF format [PDF, 32KB].)

Testimony on the FY 2003 Budget Request for the National Science Foundation, Tom Manteuffel

Mathematical Sciences Investment (MSI)

Strengthening the Linkages Between the Sciences and the Mathematical Sciences, National Research Council, National Academy Press, 2000

Report of the Senior Assessment Panel of the International Assessment of the U. S. Mathematical Sciences

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