Mathematics of Planet Earth (SIAG/MPE)

Hans G. Kaper "If you are a member of SIAM and interested in the state of our planet, its life-supporting capacity, and the impact of human activities, you should join the SIAG on Mathematics of Planet Earth" (SIAG-MPE). SIAG-MPE is the forum in SIAM to discuss mathematical and computational issues of climate, sustainability, ecology, socio-economic systems, and the environment."
  Hans G. Kaper, Affiliate Faculty, Georgetown University, Founding Chair, SIAM Activity Group on the Mathematics of Planet Earth (SIAG/MPE), Editor-in-Chief SIAM News
MPE Poster

The purpose of this activity group is to provide a forum for mathematicians and computational scientists to study Planet Earth, its life-supporting capacity, and the impact of human activities. By opening up a new area of applications, the SIAG will stimulate interesting research in the mathematical sciences. Activities of the SIAG will include the biennial SIAM Conference on Mathematics of Planet Earth, minisymposia at SIAM Annual Meetings and other conferences.

SIAG/MPE officers (1/1/17 – 12/31/18)

SIAG/MPE advisory board (1/1/17 – 12/31/18)


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