Author Handbook

1: Why Publish With SIAM

Welcome to our authors' guide to SIAM's book publishing program. SIAM is committed to publishing high-quality books of interest to our members and the scientific community at affordable prices. Could one of our next books be yours? We invite you to peruse the handbook to learn more about the services we provide to our authors and how you and our readers might benefit when you publish your book with SIAM.

What SIAM Offers You

We understand that there are many factors that authors consider when choosing a publisher. At SIAM our goal is to work as partners with our authors and editors, providing a professional yet friendly, hands-on approach to each book project. Our primary goal is to expand the breadth and depth of our book offerings while maintaining our high standards for practical, accessible content, outstanding production quality, and solid value for price for our authors, members, and customers. We endeavor to reflect SIAM's core values in every book we publish.

Support Your Profession

When you publish with SIAM, you support your profession by championing the following goals of our book publishing program:

Worldwide Distribution and Aggressive Marketing

As an international society with over 14,000 members and with contacts among book buyers and conference attendees, we have opportunities to market our books to more than 110,000 individuals worldwide. We also use outside publications and mailing lists and have cooperative arrangements for marketing our products to other societies around the world. We actively engage with our communities through social media, journal advertisements, and direct mail campaigns.

Our contracted book authors are invited to offer their suggestions for other avenues through which we can market their books to potential readers, and we strive to accommodate these requests to reach the widest readership possible.

Online Bookstore

All SIAM books are available on our online bookstore where purchasing books is quick and easy, and credit card orders are processed through our secure server. The bookstore has easy-to-navigate sections dedicated to featuring new books and forthcoming volumes, and full descriptions help readers find the right book for themselves or their students. To help instructors select appropriate course materials, our website highlights our textbook offerings.

e-book Program

SIAM's e-book program has increased the exposure and readership of our books. Librarians, authors, and book buyers all benefit from increased access to SIAM content. Individuals can currently purchase e-books through Google Play.


Our entire inventory of books is housed on-site, so orders are sent from our offices within three business days of receipt. SIAM books also can be ordered through online retailers such as and Barnes & SIAM member and non-member customers who live outside of North America can order books locally through Cambridge University Press to take advantage of lower shipping fees, payment in local currency, and prompt delivery of their books.

Personal Attention and Flexibility

SIAM's acquisitions and publications staff views each author relationship as a partnership, from start to publication and beyond. We pride ourselves on giving each book we publish the individual attention it deserves. As a SIAM author, you will get to know several of our staff by name as they guide your book from submission to final product, answering all your questions along the way.

Our staff is well versed in LaTeX and other systems and works with authors to accommodate individual needs such as special formatting or graphics. We understand that each book is unique, and we pay careful attention to each author's specific preferences.

A High Level of Quality Control

All SIAM books, except for camera-ready proceedings, are edited by experienced copy editors who are familiar with mathematical notation. Authors receive a set of proofs to review and our editorial staff also proofreads the books. The copyediting and proofreading stages of production ensure the published book will be free of inconsistencies in format, grammar, style, and punctuation. Our books are printed and bound to the highest quality control standards and stand up to long lives of well-thumbed use.

Affordable Pricing

SIAM is dedicated to pricing books affordably for individuals in the mathematical, computational science, statistical, scientific, and engineering communities. Choosing to publish with SIAM means offering readers access to your book for a reasonable price.

All SIAM books are offered at three prices: a list price for nonmembers, a 30% discount for members, and a 20% discount for nonmembers who attend conferences where SIAM books are exhibited. We also offer special textbook pricing for students purchasing a book adopted for their class directly from SIAM.

Author Royalties, Complimentary Copies, and Discounts

SIAM offers competitive author royalties, while guaranteeing a reasonable selling price for the book.

If they choose, authors have the option of donating all or part of their royalties to the SIAM Student Travel Fund, which covers travel expenses to SIAM meetings and conferences for several students each year.

In addition to royalties, authors also receive a number of complimentary copies of their books for personal and promotional use. If authors want or need more copies of their own book, they can purchase them at a 40% discount off SIAM's list price.

Combating Piracy

In addition to actively pursuing instances of piracy based on reports from authors, customers, and the community, SIAM aggressively pursues unauthorized posting of our authors' materials online. Using an independent contractor, we regularly monitor and take-down sites that illegally post our book content.

SIAM Publishes Textbooks

SIAM publishes undergraduate and graduate textbooks. Our authors often provide supplementary materials, such as data sets, review questions and online supplements. Also, many SIAM books are used as supplementary texts. We also publish books that are appropriate for undergraduate courses. Textbooks are easily located on our website.


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