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6: Permissions

As mentioned in your contract, the responsibility for obtaining permission to reproduce previously copyrighted material resides with the author. All permissions should be obtained prior to submitting your manuscript, and you must include copies of all permissions letters with your submission.

What Needs Permission

Permission is not needed for substantially altered figures or tables; however, a citation of the original source must be included with such materials. The same rule applies to material based on the ideas of those other than the author.

In general, it is necessary to obtain permission for figures and tables that have been published in exactly the same form and copyrighted elsewhere. This rule holds true even when you were the original creator of the material. Adaptations of such materials may also require permission, as may reproduction of certain unpublished works. (Note that a work does not need to be published to be protected by copyright.)

Fair Use

Fair Use allows the author to quote from other authors' work or to reproduce small amounts of graphic or pictorial material for purposes of review or criticism or to illustrate or buttress their own points.

Quotations that exceed the fair use doctrine require permission. According to the 15th edition of the Chicago Manual of Style the following factors should be taken into account when determining whether their use is fair:

Obtaining Permission

To obtain permission to use a previously published item, write a letter to the copyright holder, usually the publisher, with complete information about the book you are writing and how the material will be used. A template letter can be found on the following page. More information on obtaining permissions and a downloadable version of the template letter can be found at Obtaining Permissions. You will also find information about online permission requests through RightsLink for publishers participating in that program. Note that you will need to give your book's title, expected publication date, and approximate page count. If you are unsure whether specific material requires permission or have any questions about these items, contact your acquisitions editor.

In most cases permission is granted, but it may take 6 to 8 weeks to hear from the publisher, so you should send your permission requests as early as possible. Some publishers may require exact credit lines, so be sure to follow their instructions word for word.

You should also be aware that some publishers will require a fee when agreeing to allow you to use their materials. Often, that fee can be reduced or eliminated if you contact the copyright holder, citing SIAM's not-for-profit status.




Dear Permissions Editor:

I am requesting permission to reprint the following material (copy attached):

Original Publisher:
Original Book Title / Journal Title:
Original Chapter // Issue — Volume — Article Title:
Original Author:

This material will appear as Insert figure, table, or section number in Insert title of book by Insert author(s)/editor(s) of book, to be published by the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) in Insert year.

The book will be approximately ____ pages. We will include full credit using the information you provide, below. Thank you for your help.

Insert your name, affiliation, e-mail, and phone

RIGHTSHOLDER: Please sign below if you agree to the following terms: The undersigned grants SIAM nonexclusive world-wide permission to reproduce the material listed above in this and all subsequent editions (including translations), in print and digital media in perpetuity. The undersigned rights holder has the right to grant this permission and represents that the use of the material as set forth herein will not infringe the rights of any third party.

Permission Granted (signature):
Publisher/Copyright Holder:
Credit line:

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