Important information for book buyers outside North America

Agreement between SIAM and Cambridge University Press means lower costs and better service!

October 1, 2006

SIAM book buyers outside North American can now celebrate a new arrangement that will bring them speedier service, lower postage rates and all-round ease of ordering and paying for SIAM books.

SIAM and Cambridge University Press have joined as partners in an innovative distribution agreement for SIAM books in all worldwide areas outside North America. This new relationship will mean that SIAM members and customers get their orders faster and with lower dispatch rates, have the ability to pay in several local currencies and get member discounts with a local distributor.

This new alliance between SIAM and Cambridge will streamline the process for purchasing SIAM books and eliminate problems that some buyers have experienced with middlemen and agents involved with getting material from SIAM to the reader. With stronger global sales and distribution channels, SIAM books will now be available more quickly than ever before throughout the world.

Additionally, SIAM members will receive full member discounts for SIAM books when ordering via Cambridge. SIAM members need to reference the code SIAM99Z when placing orders with Cambridge.

To review titles and order SIAM books available through Cambridge University Press, visit .

Customers in China, Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand and Malaysia will have a second option in addition to ordering SIAM books via Cambridge. SIAM also has a relationship with iGroup ( ), online buyers will be able to purchase SIAM books through iGroup soon.

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