Standing Orders

A standing order in any SIAM book series entitles the holder to every publication with that series as soon as it becomes available. It relieves buyers of frequent order writing for individual books, while ensuring that all of the most important titles in applied and computational mathematics will be on their shelves as soon as they are available. Each standing order is treated as a prepublication order, and is automatically discounted off list prices.

Holders of standing orders are entitled to a 20% discount off list prices. This discount will also be extended to all backlisted volumes within each series for which the holder has a standing order. An institution or individual can set up a standing order for a minimum of one copy of every book published within a series.

SIAM publishes a variety of books and monographs on mathematics as it relates to the solution of problems in the engineering, physical, biological, and social sciences, as well as topics in computer science, statistics, and other areas of industrial application.

For additional information on SIAM's book series, please see the individual book series descriptions.

E-mail SIAM's Customer Service Department for more details or to set up a standing order in any or all SIAM book series.

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