Mathematical Modeling and Computation

The SIAM series on Mathematical Modeling and Computation covers analytical and computational techniques, describes significant mathematical developments, and introduces modern scientific and engineering applications. The series will publish lecture notes and texts for advanced undergraduate- or graduate-level courses in physical applied mathematics, biomathematics, and mathematical modeling, and volumes of interest to a wide segment of the community of applied mathematicians, computational scientists, and engineers. 

The books feature a lively tutorial style, focus on topics of current interest, and present clear exposition. Appropriate subject areas for future books in the series include fluids, dynamical systems and chaos, mathematical biology, neuroscience, mathematical physiology, epidemiology, morphogenesis, biomedical engineering, reaction-diffusion in chemistry, nonlinear science, interfacial problems, solidification, combustion, transport theory, solid mechanics, nonlinear vibrations, electromagnetic theory, nonlinear optics, wave propagation, coherent structures, scattering theory, earth science, solid-state physics, and plasma physics.

Richard Haberman
Southern Methodist University

Acquisitions Editor
Elizabeth Greenspan


Editorial Board

Alejandro Aceves
Southern Methodist University

Rachel Kuske
University of British Columbia

Andrea Bertozzi
University of California, Los Angeles
Bernie Matkowsky
Northwestern University
Bard Ermentrout
University of Pittsburgh
Robert M. Miura
New Jersey Institute of Technology
Thomas Erneux
Université Libre de Brussels
Michael Tabor
University of Arizona

Paul Glendinning
University of Manchester





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