ASA-SIAM Series on Statistics and Applied Probability

The ASA-SIAM Series on Statistics and Applied Probability provides works of general interest to statisticians, biostatisticians, applied mathematicians, engineers, and scientists in a broad array of topical areas. Common to all works in the series is the central focus on applications of interest to members of either of the sponsoring societies. Of special interest are expository overview presentations that introduce statisticians to major new areas of methodology and application, as well as tutorial "how to" presentations on statistical methods for researchers in other fields. Works may advance knowledge to state-of-the-art levels, provide novel or updated methods to implement known techniques, or present comprehensive tutorials or surveys on specific applications of wide interest. Interdisciplinary works fit well within the series focus, as do works that address applications in emerging disciplines which have the potential for developing new interest groups within the sponsoring societies. Highly theoretical works may not be consistent with the applied focus of the series but theoretical works leading to better or novel application of statistical methods will be seriously considered.

Lisa LaVange, PhD
Silver Spring, MD
Acquisitions Editor
Elizabeth Greenspan
Editorial Board
Marie Davidian
North Carolina State University

James Ramsay
McGill University

John Eltinge
Bureau of Labor and Statistics
Maura Stokes

Barry Graubard
National Cancer Institute

Linda J. Young
University of Florida

George Michailidis
University of Michigan




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