SIAM Spotlights

SIAM Spotlights is a new book series that comprises brief and enlightening books on timely topics in applied and computational mathematics and scientific computing. The books, spanning 125 pages or less, will be produced on an accelerated schedule and will be attractively priced.

Potential authors should contact Elizabeth Greenspan.


Editorial Board

Susanne C. Brenner
Louisiana State University

James D. Meiss
University of Colorado

L. Pamela Cook
University of Delaware

Dianne O'Leary
University of Maryland

Donald Estep
Colorado State University

Alex Pothen
Purdue University

Per Christian Hansen
Technical University of Denmark

Ulrich Rüde
University Erlangen-Nuremberg

Nicholas J. Higham
University of Manchester
Ralph C. Smith
North Carolina State University
Chandrika Kamath
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Lloyd N. Trefethen
Oxford University
C. T. Kelley
North Carolina State University



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