Frontiers in Applied Mathematics

Discontinuous Galerkin Methods for Solving Elliptic and Parabolic Equations: Theory and Implementation
Béatrice Rivière
Order Code FR35

Cardiovascular and Respiratory Systems: Modeling, Analysis, and Control
Jerry J. Batzel, Franz Kappel, Daniel Schneditz, and Hien T. Tran
Order Code: FR34

The Immersed Interface Method: Numerical Solutions of PDEs Involving Interfaces and Irregular Domains
Zhilin Li and Kazufumi Ito
Order Code: FR33

Smart Material Systems: Model Development
Ralph C. Smith
Order Code: FR32

Gender-Structured Population Modeling: Mathematical Methods, Numerics, and Simulations
M. Iannelli, M. Martcheva, and F. A. Milner
Order Code: FR31

Computational Methods for Option Pricing
Olivier Pironneau and Yves Achdou
Order Code: FR30

Axiomatic Consensus Theory in Group Choice and Biomathematics
William H. E. Day and F. R. McMorris
Order Code: FR29

Bioterrorism: Mathematical Modeling Applications in Homeland Security
H.T. Banks and Carlos Castillo-Chavez, Editors
Order Code: FR28

Research Directions in Distributed Parameter Systems
Ralph C. Smith and Michael Demetriou, Editors
Order Code: FR27

Finite Element Methods with B-Splines
Klaus Höllig
Order Code: FR26

Design Sensitivity Analysis: Computational Issues of Sensitivity Equation Methods
Lisa G. Stanley and Dawn L. Stewart
Order Code: FR25

Neuro Fuzzy Control of Industrial Systems with Actuator Nonlinearities
F. L. Lewis, J. Campos, and R. Selmic
Order Code: FR24

Computational Methods for Inverse Problems
Curtis R. Vogel
Order Code: FR23

Mathematical Modeling in Optical Science
Gang Bao, Lawrence Cowsar, and Wen Masters, Editors
Order Code: FR22

Electromagnetic Material Interrogation Using Conductive Interfaces and Acoustic Wavefronts
H.T. Banks, M. Buksas, and T. Lin
Order Code: FR21

Strongly Stabilizable Distributed Parameter Systems
Job Oostveen
Order Code: FR20

Iterative Methods for Optimization
C. T. Kelley
Order Code: FR18

Iterative Methods for Solving Linear Systems
Anne Greenbaum
Order Code: FR17

Iterative Methods for Linear and Nonlinear Equations
C.T. Kelley
Order Code: FR16

Optimization Software Guide
Jorge J. More and Stephen J. Wright
Order Code: FR14

Mathematical and Computational Techniques for Multilevel Adaptive Methods
Ulrich Rude
Order Code: FR13

Transonic Aerodynamics: Problems in Asymptotic Theory
L. Pamela Cook, Editor
Order Code: FR12

Control and Estimation in Distributed Parameter Systems
H.T. Banks, Editor
Order Code: FR11

Computational Frameworks for the Fast Fourier Transform
Charles Van Loan
Order Code: FR10

The Total Least Squares Problem: Computational Aspects and Analysis
Sabine Van Huffel and Joos Vandewalle
Order Code: FR09

Mathematical Aspects of Numerical Grid Generation
Jose E. Castillo, Editor
Order Code: FR08

Multilevel Adaptive Methods for Partial Differential Equations
Stephen F. McCormick
Order Code: FR06

Symbolic Computation: Applications to Scientific Computing
Robert Grossman, Editor
Order Code: FR05

Handbook for Matrix Computations
Thomas F. Coleman and Charles Van Loan
Order Code: FR04

Multigrid Methods
Stephen F. McCormick, Editor
Order Code: FR03

The Mathematics of Combustion
John D. Buckmaster, Editor
Order Code: FR02

The Mathematics of Reservoir Simulation
Richard E. Ewing, Editor
Order Code: FR01

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