Understanding the Citation of SIAM's Accelerated Electronic Articles

With articles in SIAM's research journals published electronically on an accelerated basis (excluding SIAM Review and Theory of Probability and Its Applications), there can be questions about how to cite the electronic articles. This is because papers in electronic issues may be published near the end of a year and the print version mailed early the following year.

Prior to 2011, papers in the same issue were sometimes electronically published across two years.

When citing SIAM's electronic articles, it's important to remember that SIAM considers the electronic editions to be the definitive editions for its journals. Mathematical Reviews, the Institute for Scientific Information, and INSPEC all use the electronic editions for their coverage of SIAM journals.

Because SIAM journal papers are published in PDF form in electronic volumes and issues that correspond to the later print archive, they are paginated at the time of electronic publication. Our articles can be fully cited with volume, issue, and page numbers.

When citing SIAM articles always use the year of electronic publication. For example, here is the correct citation, in SIAM style, for the following article. It was published electronically April 13, 2007, in volume 45, number 2 of SIAM Journal on Numerical Analysis, which was mailed to print subscribers in April 2008.

M. J. GANDER AND L. HALPERN, Optimized Schwarz Waveform Relaxation Methods for Advection Reaction Diffusion Problems, SIAM J. Numer. Anal., 45 (2007), pp. 666-697.

The year of publication is 2007, despite the fact that the print issue mailed in 2008.

The year of publication appears as part of the copyright line at the top of each paper, as well as in a footnote to the paper's title, in which the complete date of electronic publication is given. To help eliminate any confusion about the publication date SIAM print journals specify, "Papers published electronically [month/year] to [month/year]."

SIAM Review and Theory of Probability and Its Applications are not produced on a paper-by-paper basis. SIREV, because it contains unique sections, is published electronically as a complete issue three weeks before the print issue is mailed. TVP is an English-language translation of the Russian journal Teoriya Veroyatnostei i ee Primeneniya. SIAM also publishes a number of all-electronic journals with papers published continuously: SIAM Journal on Applied Dynamical Systems, SIAM Journal on Financial Mathematics, SIAM Journal on Imaging Sciences, and SIAM/ASA Journal on Uncertainty Quantification.

If you have questions about citing SIAM's accelerated electronic articles, contact SIAM Publisher Kivmars Bowling at bowling@siam.org.

If you need additional information about accessing SIAM's journals electronically, contact our Customer Service Department at service@siam.org or call 215-382-9800.


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