Special Section - Approaches to Reduce the Dimension of Model Parameters

One of the major computational hurdles for uncertainty quantification is the fact that computational cost of uncertainty quantification calculations scale badly with dimension, while problems typically involve high dimensions because of the complexity of models and the variability of parameters over space and time.

In parallel with the SIAM Workshop on Parameter Space Dimension Reduction (DR17) scheduled to take place July 9-10 in Pittsburgh, the SIAM/ASA Journal on Uncertainty Quantification invites submissions for a Special Section on approaches to reduce the dimension of model parameters. Specific topics include: active subspaces; basis adaptation; inverse regression; sufficient dimension reduction; sloppy models; sensitivity analysis; ridge recovery and approximation; deterministic and statistical parameter estimation; and applications with science and engineering simulations or data sets. These topics span statistics and mathematics and theory and computation. This special section will be handled by a collection of associate editors from JUQ and guest editors drawn from workshop participants.


Manuscript submissions will be accepted beginning July 1, 2017, and until February 1, 2018.

Beginning July 1, authors can submit a manuscript and cover letter in PDF format via JUQ's online submission site at https://juq.siam.org. Note the block labeled Special Section (following the Keywords block on your submission screen) and select “Approaches to Reduce the Dimension of Model Parameters” from the dropdown. Also, be sure to note in the Manuscript Comment text box that your paper is intended for the Special Section.

If you have questions, contact Mitch Chernoff, SIAM Publications Manager, at Chernoff@siam.org, or James Haines, SIAM Online Content Coordinator, at haines@siam.org. Editor-in-Chief Don Estep (donald.estep@colostate.edu) is in charge of the Special Section.

Additional relevant information on JUQ (including editorial policy and instructions for authors) can be found at http://www.siam.org/journals/juq.php.

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