Special Section in the SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing (SISC)
Two Themes: “CSE Software” and “Big Data in CSE”

The Special Section focuses on CSE Software and Big Data in CSE. It will feature high-quality scientific computing papers in either of these two areas (or their intersection).

Interest in software and big data aspects of CSE and scientific computing has been increasing rapidly in the past few years, with many new challenges arising in a variety of application domains. Novel approaches are being developed to tackle these challenges across the entire CSE pipeline, which encompasses the end-to-end process from primary data and abstract models to informed decisions.

In the area of CSE software, specific topics of interest for the Special Section include novel design and development of high-quality software for various aspects of CSE, for example the following:

The primary focus should be on software and computational methods that have potentially large impact for an important class of scientific or engineering problems.

In the area of big data, specific topics of interest include the following:

Contact information:

Hans De Sterck, hdesterck@uwaterloo.ca
Chris Johnson, crj@cs.utah.edu
Lois  Curfman McInnes, curfman@mcs.anl.gov
Guest editors-in-charge for the Special Section

Mitch Chernoff (chernoff@siam.org)
SIAM Publications Manager

Brittni Holland (holland@siam.org)
SIAM Editorial Associate, SISC  

Additional relevant information on SISC (including editorial policy and instructions for authors) can be found at http://www.siam.org/journals/sisc.php.

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