10:50 AM-12:30 PM / Wednesday, February 14, 1996

Session 11

10:50 Automatic Differentiation Applied to Nonsmooth Convex Optimization
Andre Galligo and Eric Hassold, Universite de Nice, France
11:10 Round-off Error Analysis with Odyssee
Frederic Eyssette and Vladimir Vyskocil, Universite de Nice, France
11:30 Automatic Differentiation of Conditional Branches in an Operator Overloading Context
R. Baker Kearfott, University of Southwestern Louisiana
11:50 The ADIntrinsics System for Handling Nonsmooth Intrinsics in the Automatic Differentiation of Fortran 77 Programs
Andrew Mauer, University of Illinois, Urbana; Christian Bischof, Argonne National Laboratory; and Alan Carle, Rice University
12:10 Improving Derivative Performance for CFD Using Simplified Recurrences
Alan Carle and Mike Fagan, Rice University

MEM, 12/29/95