10:30 AM-12:00 PM, Thursday, February 15, 1996

Session 15

10:30 Sharing Storage Using Dirty Vectors
Bruce Christianson, University of Hertfordshire, United Kingdom
11:00 Dynamically Exploiting Sparsity in Computing Jacobians - Implementation, Visualization and Examples
Peyvand M. Khademi and Christian H. Bischof, Argonne National Laboratory
11:20 A Graph Coloring Approach to the Estimation of Sparse Jacobian Matrix and Row and Column Computation
A.K.M. Shabadat Hossain and Trond Steihaug, University of Bergen, Norway
11:40 A Symbolic Code Generator for Computing Gradients
Guy Chavent, Jerome Jaffre, and Sophie Jegou, INRIA-France, and Jun Liu, CNRS-Fast, France

MEM, 1/1/96