10:20 AM - 12:00 PM / Tuesday, February 13, 1996

Session 6

10:20 Experiences with ADIFOR 2.0
Christian Bischof, Argonne National Laboratory and Alan Carle, Rice University
10:40 Building a Workbench for AD Tools and the Redesign of ADIC
Christian Bischof and Lucas Roh, Argonne National Laboratory; and Alan Carle, Rice University
11:00 Padre2 - Fortran Precompiler for Automatic Differentiation and Estimates of Rounding Errors
Koichi Kubota, Chuo University, Japan
11:20 A Fortran 90 Automatic Differentiation Package for Verified Global Optimization
Uwe Naumann and Wolfgang V. Walter, Technical University of Dresden, Germany
11:40 Comparisons of Different Automatic Differentiation Tools to Circuit Simulation
Wolfram Klein, SIEMENS, Germany

MEM, 12/28/95