7:30-9:30 PM / Tuesday, February 13, 1996

Session 9

7:30 The Meta-Calculus Vision
Joseph Thames, Digital Calculus Corporation
7:50 Applications of Automatic Differentiation in Multidisciplinary Design Optimization
Lawrence L. Green, P. A. Newman, and K. J. Haigler, NASA Langley Research Center
8:10 A Differentiation-Based Approach to Simulation and Dynamic Optimization with High-Index Differential-Algebraic Equations
William F. Feehery and Paul I. Barton, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
8:30 More AD of Nonlinear AMPL Models: Computing Hessian Information and Exploiting Partial Seperability
David M. Gay, AT&T Bell Laboratories
8:50 ADOL-F Automatic Differentiation of FORTRAN Codes
Dmitri Shiriaev, Technical University of Dresden, Germany
9:10 ATOMFT: Automatic Differentiation for Solving Ordinary Differential Equations
George F. Corliss, Marquette University

MEM, 12/28/95