Friday July 29/10:00

MS53/Harbor 1

New Methods for the Calculation of Water Waves

Calculation of water waves and their forces on objects is very important in the design of structures subject to wave motion, such as off-shore oil rigs, wave-breakers, and ships. Direct methods based on the solution of the Navier-Stokes equations are often too slow. The methods to be discussed in this minisymposium are much more efficient and are also able to include dissipation and wind-wave interaction. The speakers will present some new and efficient ways of calculating water waves and the forces they exert, based on vortex methods, boundary integral equations and pseudo-spectral methods. The effects of nonlinearity, wind-water interaction, dissipation and three dimensionality will be addressed and comparison with experimental results will be discussed. Organizer: Benito M. Chen-Charpentier University of Wyoming