Friday July 29/1:30

MS62/Marina 2

The Concept of Fuzziness: An Introduction to Its Theory and Its Application

What is fuzziness? If we recall the circumstances when we use the term fuzzy, we definitely come to grips with the realization that we do so when the situation is not crystal clear and when we are uncertain of its meaning. This fuzziness provides a form for the management of uncertainty whenever stochastic or probability conditions do not apply. Interest in the topic of fuzzy logic has been steadily growing. Indifference and downright opposition has turned into curiousity. For example, sessions on fuzzy systems at recent joint meetings of the IEEE and NAFIPS have been well-attended by the American scientific community. The speakers in this minisymposium will present an overview of fuzzy sets, fuzzy logic and their applications. Organizers: Marialuisa N. McAllister Moravian College and E. E. Kerre University of Gent, Belgium