Thursday, July 17

5:45 PM-6:45 PM
Tresidder Union, Cypress Room

Panel on Mathematics Education in the 21st Century

Technological innovations fueled by the computer revolution have changed the face of higher education for mathematicians, computer scientists, and engineers. Software systems such as Mathematica and Maple are minimizing the need for classroom calculation and manipulation of numbers and symbols. Problems that could not even be covered in previous generations are routinely being solved in class.

Curricula which had been standardized are now in a state of flux. Many questions remain to be answered. What new material will be included and what is to be excluded? Will proof techniques no longer be emphasized, especially for engineers? As entire courses are loaded onto PCs with interactive voice software, will professors only be mentors?

The session will begin with an overview of the issues presented by the organizer. This will be followed by a discussion among panel members, and concluding with interactive questions-and-answers participation between the panel and the audience.

Organizer: Stefan Ehrlich
Rivier College


Rosemary E. Chang, Silicon Graphics Computer Systems
Cleve Moler, The MathWorks, Inc.
Linda Petzold, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis
Douglas Mead, University of South Carolina
Robert Ferenc, Centric Engineering Systems, CA

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