Tuesday, July 15

10:30 AM-12:30 PM
Building 300, Room 300

Nonlinear Models in Electrical Engineering, Review and Open Problems

The ability to divide a design into building blocks, which can be described by the input/output relationship, is of crucial importance in electrical engineering. With growing popularity of integrated (and portable) communication systems, the block models need to include nonlinear dynamics. The currently used methods are limited to blocks which either have no dynamics (i.e. are described by f: Rm -> Rn) or are weakly (i.e. polynomially) nonlinear.

The presentations will include a review of methods used in engineering practice (M. Odyniec), their limits and desired areas of expansion (Steve Boyd or M. Odyniec), also a discussion of measurement accuracy and model requirements (M. Sayed), and applications of dynamical systems (N. Tuffillaro and R. Roy).

The purpose is to present to mathematicians who are interested in applications with a range of problems that are important in design, can be easily formulated, and yet are only partially understood in the engineering community.

Organizer: Michal Odyniec
Hewlett Packard Company, Santa Rosa

10:30 Modelling of Nonlinear Circuits
Michal Odyniec, Organizer
11:00 Measurement System Accuracy and Model Requirements
Mohamed Sayed, Hewlett Packard, Santa Rosa
11:30 Dynamical System Approach to Behavioral Modelling
Nicholas Tuffillaro, Hewlett Packard Laboratories, Palo Alto

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