Wednesday, June 19
1:30-3:30 PM
Room 303

Discrete Mathematics for K-12 Students

One of the exciting changes in K-12 mathematics education is that discrete mathematics is now being introduced to students at all grade levels. In this minisymposium, the speakers will discuss why discrete mathematics is appropriate for K-12 students, and efforts currently underway to introduce discrete mathematics to K-12 teachers and students. Speakers will discuss discrete mathematics in Manhattan high schools, in the Maryland Science Center, in programs for elementary school teachers, and in venues for mathematics popularization on the internet.

Organizer: Joseph G. Rosenstein
Rutgers University, New Brunswick

1:30 Implementing Discrete Mathematics in the Schools: An Overview
Joseph G. Rosenstein, Organizer
2:00 Implementing a Discrete Mathematics Curriculum in Manhattan High Schools
Susan Picker, Office of the Superintendent, Manhattan Public Schools
2:30 "Beyond Numbers" at the Maryland Science Center
Cathy Brady, Maryland Science Center
3:00 Popularizing Mathematics on the Internet
Michael Fellows, University of Victoria, Canada

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MEM, 4/10/96