CP28 ~ Wednesday, May 24, 1995 ~ 2:30 PM

Instabilities and Bifurcations

On Roll, Square, and Hexagonal Patterns in Nonlinear Competition Models
S. Roy Choudhury, University of Central Florida
A Manifest Hopf Bifurcation in Magnetohydrodynamics
Henri Tasso, Max-Planck-Institüt fur Plasmaphysik, Germany
High Reynolds Number Instabilities of the Kinematic Dynamo Equations and the Navier-Stokes Equations in the Presence of Chaotic Flows
Charles Reyl, Thomas M. Antonsen, and Edward Ott, University of Maryland, College Park
Limit Cycles as Measure-Valued Solutions of Systems of Conservation Laws That Change Type
Suncica Canic, Iowa State University
Dynamics of Disordered Fluid Patterns
S.V. Kiyashko, L.N. Korzinov and Mikhail I. Rabinovich, Russian Academy of Science, Russia