IP6 ~ Monday, May 22, 1995 ~ 5:00 PM

Control and Synchronization of Chaotic Emission of Radiation

The radiation of light by a single atom or an ensemble of atoms in a resonant cavity can be stable or chaotic. The speaker will review the microscopic origin and the macroscopic manifestations of instability and chaos in light-matter interactions and describe the correspondence between the Lorenz equations and a single mode laser. In recent years, chaotic intensity fluctuations have been identified in a number of laser systems; the challenge now is to learn how to control, and perhaps even exploit, the chaotic behavior. The speaker will describe experiments on the control of chaotic lasers that have succeeded in the stabilization of periodic waveforms and the steady state. He will discuss the synchronization of chaotic lasers in the laboratory and the possibility of long range synchronization.

Rajarshi Roy
School of Physics, Georgia Institute of Technology