MS25 ~ Monday, May 22, 1995 ~ 7:30 PM

Ergodic Theory of Chaotic Systems

The minisymposium deals with problems concerning statistical properties of trajectories of dynamical systems. Thus, construction of attractors and invariant measures on them, bifurcations between periodic and chaotic regimes and the existence of invariant curves in hamiltonian dynamics will be addressed, reflecting the diversity of techniques used in this area.

The method of studying dynamical systems using methods and ideas from ergodic theory has proven to be an appropriate tool for understanding many models of applied mathematics. The talks touch upon applications in areas of fluid dynamics, non-linear optics, mechanics and population dynamics.

Organizer: Marek Rychlik, University of Arizona

Transport Coefficients for N-discs Fluids
Leonid A. Bunimovich, Georgia Institute of Technology
Billiards that Share a Convex Caustic
Eugene Gutkin, University of Southern California
Higher-Dimensional Windows
Brian Hunt, University of Maryland, College Park
WKB Theory and Chaos in Lorenz Equations
Marek Rychlik, Organizer