MS26 ~ Monday, May 22, 1995 ~ 7:30 PM

Synchronous Chaos

Nearly identical chaotic systems can be coupled in many different ways so that their dynamics are in synchrony. The methods of coupling include either one-way driving or mutual coupling. Either technique can be done remotely leading to potential uses in communications. However, the dynamics of synchronization and relation to system parameters are not well understood. Recent work includes the synthesis of arrays of synchronous, chaotic systems; the analysis of synchronized, chaotic circuits; the threshold and bifurcation behavior of systems of coupled, chaotic oscillators near synchronization; and the use of control techniques to induce synchronization in chaotic systems.

Organizer: Louis M. Pecora, Naval Research Laboratory

Synchronization of Nonlinear Circuits with Chaotic Behavior
Nikolai Rul'kov, University of California, San Diego
Short Wavelength Bifurcations in Coupled Oscillator Systems
James F. Heagy and T.L. Carroll, Naval Research Laboratory; and Louis M. Pecora, Organizer
Synthesis Techniques for Designing High-Dimensional Self-Synchronizing Chaotic Systems
Kevin Cuomo, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Using Small Continuous-Time Perturbations to Control Chaos
Kestutis Pyragas, Semiconductor Physics Institute, Lithuania