MS35 ~ Tuesday, May 23, 1995 ~ 2:30 PM

Pulse Dynamics in Novel Nonlinear Optical Systems (Part I of II)

Great progress has been achieved in recent years in the design of novel optical systems for transmission lines, pulse amplifiers and optical switches. There has also for considerable theoretical and computational work supporting the technological effort. This stems from the fact that the nonlinear Schrodinger equation (NLSE), which describes the dynamics in a simple nonlinear monomode fiber, is often no longer a good or even valid approximation in the case of pulse dynamics.

The speakers will discuss pulse dynamics in systems with higher order dispersive and/or absorptive effects which arise in optical transmission systems; discrete dispersive effects arising in fiber arrays; polarization dispersion; and light/matter interaction in systems far from the NLSE limit.

Organizers: Alejandro B. Aceves, University of New Mexico; Christopher K.R.T. Jones, Brown University; and William L. Kath, Northwestern University

Pulse Dynamics in Uniform and Nonuniform Optical Fiber Arrays
Alejandro B. Aceves, Costantino De Angelis and Gregory G. Luther, University of New Mexico
Multi-Soliton Interactions and Wavelength-Division-Multiplexing
Sarbarish Chakravarty, University of Colorado
Periodic Conjugation of Optical Solitons
Christopher G. Goedde, Northwestern University
Multiplying of Pulses in Optical Fibers
Jay C. Alexander, University of Maryland, College Park; Christopher K.R.T. Jones, Organizer; and B. Sandstede, IAAS-Berlin, Germany
Long-Term Storage of a Soliton Bit Stream using Phase-Sensitive Optical Amplifiers
William L. Kath, Organizer