Wednesday, November 5

Curve Interpolation and Approximation

4:15 PM-6:15 PM
Chair: Eugene Lee, Alias/Wavefront, Seattle
Cheekwood Room

4:15 Geometric Interpolation for Practical Applications
Jürgen Koch and Hans-Ulrich Becker, CoCreate Software GmbH, Germany
4:35 Circular Arcs Approximation By Quintic Polynomial Curves
Lian Fang, EDS Unigraphics, Cypress, California
4:55 Near-Interpolating Spline Curves
Scott Kersey, University of Wisconsin, Madison
5:15 A Practical Method for Minimax Approximation of NURBS Curves and Surfaces
Gary Silverman, Perfit Corporation, Los Angeles; and Leon Lasdon, University of Texas, Austin
5:35 A Companion Matrix for Bernstein Polynomials
Joab R. Winkler, University of Sheffield, United Kingdom
5:55 Parametric l_1 --, l_2 --, and l_infinity -- Approximation
Bert Jüttler, University of Technology Darmstadt, Germany

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