Thursday, November 6

Blending and Cyclides

1:45 PM-3:45 PM
Chair: Alyn Rockwood, Arizona State University
Cheekwood Room

1:45 An Introduction to Quartic Supercyclides
Michael J. Pratt, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and National Institute of Standards and Technology
2:05 Constructing Tubular Surfaces from Dupin Cyclides
Ching-Kuang Shene, Michigan Technological University
2:25 Toric Approach to Low-Degree Rational Surfaces
R. Krasauskas, Vilnius University, Lithuania
2:45 Blending, Smoothing and Interpolation of Irregular Meshes Using N-Sided Varady patches
Xuefu Wang and Fuhua (Frank) Cheng, University of Kentucky; and Brian A. Barsky, University of California, Berkeley
3:05 Negation Invariant Blending in Solid Modeling
Janos Vida, University of Veszprem, Hungary

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