Monday, November 3

Classical Geometry and CAGD

9:15 AM-10:00 AM
Chair: Miriam Lucian, The Boeing Company
Room: Belle Meade

In the past, powerful methods to solve theoretical problems were developed in classical geometry but little attention was paid to explicit calculation and approximation of geometric objects. The speaker will present some of these methods, show their usefulness for CAGD purposes, and discuss practical tools that can be derived from them. In particular, the principle of invariance upon a certain transformation group, some tools of projective (differential) geometry applied to rational curves and surfaces and the classical geometries of Moebius, Laguerre and Lie, taking place in projective model spaces of higher dimensions and recently being introduced into CAGD research to solve problems of reflections and offsets, will be discussed.

Wendelin L. F. Degen
University of Stuttgart, Germany

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