Wednesday, November 5

Computers and Education

10:30 AM-12:30 PM
Room: Cheekwood

This minisymposium will explore various aspects of how computers can be used effectively to enhance education at all levels. A wide spectrum of topics, including Euclidean and computational geometry, modern physics, and engineering will be discussed. The speakers, professionals with backgrounds in computer science, physics, and engineering, will discuss questions such as: What is the best mathematical and computational paradigm for teaching modern physics? Is programming an appropriate subject to teach to engineers? How effectively can computers perform standard proofs in Euclidean geometry?

Organizer: Ron Goldman
Rice University

10:30 Computers in Engineering Education
Goranka Bjedov, Purdue University
11:00 An Interactive Tutorial on Curves and Surfaces
Alyn Rockwood, Arizona State University
11:30 GRACE -- Graphical Ruler and Compass Editor
Aaron Hertzman, New York University
12:00 Unifying Algebra with Geometry in Education and Geometric Design
David Hestenes, Arizona State University

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