Wednesday, June 18

4:15 PM-6:15 PM
Jemez Room Chair: Lou J. Durlofsky, Chevron Petroleum Technology Company

Reservoir Simulation II

4:15 Multigrid Applied to Implicit Well Problems
Joel E. Dendy, Jr., Los Alamos National Laboratory; Hamdi Tchelepi, Chevron Oil Field Research Co., La Habra, California ! 110>
4:35 A Study on Effects of Grid Orientation, Distortion and Unstructuredness on Solution Accuracy For Reservoir Flows
Manas K. Deb, Hui Ning, Mahender P. Reddy, Computational Mechanics Co., Inc., Austin; John B. Thuren, TEXACO EPTD, Houston
4:55 A Sequential Semi-Implicit Algorithm for Computing Thermal Discontinuous Flows in Porous Media
Marco A. Vegas-Landeau, Phillip Colella, and Tadeusz W. Patzek, University of California, Berkeley
5:15 Domain Decomposition Methods for Reservoir Models with Discontinous Permeability
Magne S. Espedal, Brit Gunn, Ersland Randall, and Roger Nybo, University of Bergen, Norway
5:35 A Control-Volume Mixed Finite-Element Method For Single-Phase Multi-Component Compressible Fluid Flow in Porous Media
Stephen L. Lyons and Guan Qin, Mobil Technology Company, Dallas
5:55 Using Potential Theory in Advanced Well Modelling
Yu Ding and L. Farina, Institut Francais du Petrole, France

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