Wednesday, June 18

9:45 AM-11:45 AM
Weavers Room Chair: Jeffery P. Holland, Waterways Experiment Station, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Flow in Porous Media I

9:45 Method-of-Lines Solution of Richards' Equation I: One Space Dimension
C. T. Kelley, M. D. Tocci, and C. T. Miller, North Carolina State University
10:05 Analysis of Numerical Methods for Variably Saturated Subsurface Flow
Carol S. Woodward, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory; and Clint N. Dawson, University of Texas, Austin
10:25 Mixed Finite Element Methods for Elliptic Equations on 3-Dimensional Domain
Mingjun Liu and Junping Wang, University of Wyoming
10:45 Least-Squares Finite Element Method for Multicomponent Flow
Deepankar Biswas and Graham F. Carey, University of Texas, Austin
11:00 Mathematical Models, Theoretical Results, and Numerical Methods for Multiphase Flow in Porous Media
Zhangxin Chen, Southern Methodist University

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