Wednesday, June 18

9:45 AM-11:45 AM
Rio Grande Ballroom Chair: R. Phillip Bording, University of Texas, Austin

Seismic Inversion/Imaging I

9:45 Seismic Inverse Problems in Remote Sensing of Wave Propagation Speeds
K. A. Azzawi, Saddam University, Iraq; and S. M. Makky, Yarmouk University, Jordan
10:05 Mathematical Analysis and Numerical Methods for Fluid--Solid Interaction Problems in the Frequency Domain
Xiaobing Feng, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
10:25 Fast Methods for Computing First Arrival Times
James A. Sethian, University of California, Berkeley
10:45 Comparison Between Total Variation Regularization Operators and Standard Regularization Operators for Gravimetric Inverse Problems
Hugo Bertete Aguirre, Elena Cherkaeva, and Aaron Fogelson, University of Utah
11:05 Multilevel Methods for the Solution of Ill-Posed Inverse Problems
Eldad Haber and Doug Oldenburg, University of British Columbia, Canada
11:25 Modeling Seismic Wave Propagation in Large Basins on Parallel Computers
Hesheng Bao, Jacobo Bielak, Omar Ghattas, Loukas Kallivokas, David O'Hallaron, Jonathan Shewchuk, and Jifeng Xu, Carnegie Mellon University
11:45 Numerical Realization of the Wave Energy Propagation in Spectral Models
Igor Lavrenov, Organization Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute, Russia

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