Wednesday, June 18

4:15 PM-6:15 PM
Isleta Room Chair: Mrinal Sen, University of Texas, Austin

Seismic Inversion/Imaging II

CANCELLED 4:15 An Inversion Algorithm Without Adjustable Parameters for NMR Logging and Core Data
Marco A. Duran, EXXON Research and Engineering Co., Annandale
4:35 Total Variation Method for Imaging of Electrical Resistance Tomography
Mengchun Yu and David E. Dougherty, University of Vermont
4:55 2.5--D True--Amplitude Offset Continuation
Lucio Tunes Santos, Martin Tygel, and Jorg Schleicher, State University of Campinas-UNICAMP, Brazil
5:15 Inverse Electromagnetic Problem with Optimally Designed Inductive Source
Elena Cherkaeva and Alan C. Tripp, University of Utah
5:35 A Two Point Anisotropic Ray Tracing Using Low Storage Optimization Techniques
Debora Cores, Pedro Contreras, and Reinaldo Michelena, Intevep S. A., Venezuela; and Glenn Fung, Universidad Simon Bolivar, Venezuela
5:55 Automatic Differentiation for Both Inverse and Optimal Control Problems
Thomas F. Coleman and Arun Verma, Cornell University

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