Monday, June 16

8:30 AM-9:15 AM
Chair: James G. Glimm, State University of New York, Stony Brook
Rio Grande Ballroom

Fluids in Porous Media: Angstroms to Kilometers

Porous media are hierarchical in structure. At times this hierarchy is discrete, at others continuous, and at still others a mixture of the two. The speaker has been involved with constructing theories of flow and deformation over both discrete and continuous hierarchies, on scales ranging from angstroms to kilometers. In this presentation, he will provide an outline of his efforts over the previous five to ten years.

Statistical mechanical techniques are used to delineate the anomalous character of fluids in microporous media. Hybrid mixture theory is used to study swelling colloids on the "meso" and "macro" scales. Stochastic perturbation theory is used to study reservoir scale anomalous dispersion. Network models and percolation are used on the "mega" scale to examine flow and transport in fractured media.

John H. Cushman
Center for Applied Mathematics, Purdue Uuniversity, West Lafayette

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