Monday, June 16

2:00 PM-2:45 PM
Rio Grande Ballroom Chair: Michael Christie, BP Exploration

Effective Coarse Scale Descriptions of Multiphase Displacements in Heterogeneous Reservoirs

Geological input to reservoir simulators is typically in the form of highly detailed geostatistical representations of reservoir properties. These detailed models are particularly important for understanding reservoir performance, as fine scale details information properties can dominate reservoir flow behavior in some cases. The direct use of these models for reservoir flow simulation is not generally feasible, however, as their high level of detail (millions of cells) places prohibitive demands on computational resources.

In this presentation, the speaker will discuss an approach for the scale-up of detailed geologic models, based in part on homogenization theory. The method involves the generation of a nonuniformly coarsened grid, designed to resolve the important extremes of the fine scale permeability field, coupled with the calculation of equivalent single phase flow parameters. The speaker will demonstrate the accuracy and applicability of the method through several examples involving multiphase displacements in a variety of heterogeneous reservoirs. Finally, he will discuss an empirical moment-based description for multiphase flow on the coarse scale.

Louis J. Durlofsky
Chevron Petroleum Technology Company, La Habra, California

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