Tuesday, June 17

3:15 PM-5:15 PM
Jemez Room

Effective Numerical Methods for Multiscale Heterogeneous Problems in Geophysics

The speakers will present some effective numerical methods to capture correctly large scale solutions for flows through highly heterogeneous media. A central idea is to introduce multiscale finite elements which are adapted to the local microstructures of the flow. Thus, the effect of small scale information on the large scale is properly taken into account. The methods presented by the speakers apply to general multiscale problems without restricive assumptions on scale separation and periodicity.

Organizers: Thomas Y. Hou and Xiao-Hui Wu
California Institute of Technology

3:15 A Multiscale Finite Element Method for Capturing Large Scale Solutions
Thomas Y. Hou, Organizer
3:45 Effective Numerical Methods for Porous Media Flows and Transport Problems
Xiao-Hui Wu, California Institute of Technology
4:15 Passive Scalar Diffusion in Turbulent Flows
Albert Fannjian, University of California, Davis
4:45 High Contrast Impedance Tomography
Liliana Borcea, California Institute of Technology; James Berryman, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory; and George Papanicolaov, Stanford University

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